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Goldsboro Okinawa Karatedo Anne Adams


Anne Adams

Sensei: 4th Dan


Sensei Anne began her martial arts training in March of 1998 in Indiana, where she met her husband, Sensei Jason, at Jackson's Karate Institute. In 2000, Sensei Jason and Sensei Anne were married, and Sensei Anne relocated to Montana with Sensei Jason where they opened their first dojo.

In 2001, Sensei Anne was promoted to her 1st degree Black Belt, Shodan, with Jackson's Karate Institute. In 2005, Sensei Anne began training in Shorinryu Karate and was promoted to her Shodan in 2007, then her 2nd degree Black Belt, Nidan, in 2011 by Hanshi Koei Nohara, 10th Dan. Sensei Anne is the head coach of our national competition team, Team GOKarate, and an AAU Karate Technical Coach. She was also selected as
 a member of the 2022
AAU-USA National Karate Team that competed in the 10th WUKF Karate World Championships in Florida where she won a bronze medal in kata. In November 2014, Sensei Anne was promoted to 3rd degree Black Belt, Sandan, in Dixon, California. Then in 2022, she was promoted to 4th degree Black Belt, Yondan, at the Goldsboro Okinawa Karatedo Dojo.

Sensei Anne is also a fully accredited North Carolina Teacher, with 17 years of elementary teaching experience. She currently teaches at Rosewood Elementary School and leads our Shisa and Samurai (4 to 7-year-old) programs.


4th Dan Shorinyu Karate

2nd Dan Ryukyu Kobudo

AAU Karate Technical Coach



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