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Hayden Adams

Sensei: 2nd Dan


Sensei Hayden began their karate training under their father and mother, Sensei Jason and Sensei Anne. They started training with Sensei Jason at three years old, but began their official training when Sensei Jason opened the Goldsboro Okinawa Karatedo Dojo at the Goldsboro YMCA.
Sensei Hayden has competed in the AAU Karate Program since 2011 and has won numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals. They were selected as a member of the AAU-USA National Karate Team and competed at the 2016 WUKF World Championships in Ireland. ​Sensei Hayden
was also selected as a member of the 2022 AAU-USA National Karate Team that competed in the 10th WUKF Karate World Championships in Florida, where they won a bronze medal in short kobudo and a silver medal in kata. They are also a certified AAU Karate National Judge A. In June 2017, Sensei Hayden attended the Ryukyukan Gasshuku in Okinawa and was promoted to 1st degree Black Belt, Shodan, by Hanshi Koei Nohara, 10th Dan. They also competed in the 25th All Ryukyus Full Contact Karate Tournament, medaling in kobudo, kata, and jissen contact kumite.

Sensei Hayden was promoted to their 2nd degree Black Belt, Nidan, in 2019 and assists in teaching classes at the dojo when visiting from college. They currently attend Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, where they continue their training. Sensei Hayden was diagnosed with lupus in October 2017; they are now an Ambassador Advocate with the Lupus Foundation of America and a member of the Young Patients' Autoimmune Research and Empowerment Alliance.


2nd Dan Shorinryu Karate

1st Dan Ryukyu Kobudo

AAU Karate National Judge A


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