Goldsboro Okinawa Karatedo Jason Adams
Can't Never Could, Lesson: Confidence


Jason Adams

Sensei: 5th Dan


Sensei Jason began his martial arts training in October of 1988 in Indiana. In 1995, he began training with Mr. Jackson Sr., 8th Dan at Jackson's Karate Institute. Sensei Jason was promoted to his 1st degree Black Belt, Shodan, in 1998. While training at Jackson's Karate Institute, Sensei Jason began attending annual training in Shorinryu Karate, and in 2001 decided to transition to Shorinryu. In 2003, he fully transitioned and began teaching Shorinryu Karate. Sensei Jason served in the US Air Force from 1999 to 2007, during which time he trained military members in martial arts and defensive tactics.


In September 2008, Sensei Jason opened Goldsboro Okinawa Karatedo Dojo, which is a chartered dojo of the Okinawa Karatedo Shorinryu Ryukyukan Karate Kobudo Federation under Hanshi Koei Nohara, 10th Dan, in Okinawa. Sensei Jason is a certified AAU Karate National Referee A. In 2021, Sensei Jason traveled with the AAU-USA National Karate Team as an international referee, where he received the certification of WUKF Referee A and was awarded the "Best Referee Award" for the 9th WUKF Karate World Championships in Romania.


In 2016, Sensei Jason completed the book Can't Never Could, Lesson: Confidence, which Sensei Hannah (Illustrator) and he worked on together for several years. The book is available on Amazon here and for retail at the dojo. In 2019, Sensei Jason was promoted to 5th-degree Black Belt, Godan, and assisted in publishing Hanshi Nohara's book in English, which is also available on Amazon here.



5th Dan Shorinryu Karate

4th Dan Ryukyu Kobudo

WUKF International Karate Referee A

AAU National Karate Referee A